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Friday, April 30, 2010

Germany + Korean (USA) = 1Malaysia

Wasssuppp Shaz: Actually what i meant by the 1Malaysia subject is that we MALAYSIANS accept anyone from anywhere and treat them like our fellow beloved Malaysian friends. Therefore no matter where you are from, you will still enjoy Malaysia like a true Malaysian.

Eating Malaysian food, customs and best of all culture :)
Although you may say that... we have a different eating culture here (the fact that we eat 24HRS a day...) oh well, that doesn't make us a FAT-nation :P

My friend Felix (Germany) & Jim (Korean but from USA) came down to KL recently and brought them around town... we went to Batu Caves... and the usual FOOD places at night! This time around brought them to MURNI's Discovery for local fusion food.

Then for the all-time famous Roti Tisu at SS2 Kayu Nasi Kandar... what else can you ask for???
Oh yea... made sure that a bunch of my friends joined us for dinner and supper on this night... a truly MALAYSIAN CULTURE!

Batu Caves

Muscleman Ernie Bodybuilder
Ernie showing off his muscles... only with THESE u can climb! :P

Indian Temple Batu Caves
Batu Caves - a monument right outside that signifies this place.

Istana Negara
National Palace - Istana Negara

Masjid Wilayah
Masjid Wilayah - State Mosque

Tourist Malaysia
Felix & Jim - trying out SATAY AYAM :P

Nasi Lemak Ayam Pandan
Nasi Lemak Ayam Pandan here is da' BOMB!

Murni's Discovery
Bunch of friends i asked to come & join for dinner! To share the great Malaysian Culture!

SS2 Kayu Nasi Kandar
To eat a ROTI TISU..u need muscles like these :P LOL...

Roti Tisu
Only problem with this pic is that the waiters dun have muscles :P

Thank you for visiting MALAYSIA :)

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Astrolife: Confession on a Runway

Wasssuppp Shaz: Have you been having headaches lately? I dunno if it's just me or i had too much of sleep...? HAhaha yea! I work night shift this week... that's 8PM till 11PM. 3 Hrs on the AIR then off for supper! Hmmm... but oh well, that should give me more time to blog and all. But actually nope! Been running errants like banking. optical shop, and doing other side stuffs! Life oh life...

Life with Astro, the premier Satellite Pay TV Provider here in Malaysia is so awesome! You get to watch top of the line movies on its movie channels, great action TV series too on AXN and Star World! Comedies and on top of that have fun with your family while enjoying great television.

Everyday when i go back home, my Astro MAX is always on Discovery Channel or National Geographic! Now... i know that it was my brother who was in my room watching.

Sometimes, it's already on the Asian Food Channel (AFC) or Hallmark - that's my MOM! Hahahah... when it comes to AXN, Star World, and all the movie channels i know la its me and it was left untouched since i left the house.

But then again, there's more to life on ASTRO than just in the screens. Really, it's true... and here's the proof!


In conjunction with the premier of Confession of a Shopaholic on Astro & the fashion week at MidValley Megamall. There was this event at MV for astro subscribers and invited guests (yep, we were invited!) to enjoy, sooth the day and relax... have a bit to eat b4 going back home... a fashion show with A CUT ABOVE and performances by local celebrities.

There was Diddy, Nicholas Saputra and not to forget the charming hostess - NANA of XFM!
Here are the photos from the event...

Malaysia Fashion Week
Me & my astro colleagues - Aza & Caydence

MidValley Megamall
Oh i see FOOD... and the main point here is the lady on stage :)

Fashion Week MV
Some of the bloggers that i invited to join me on this night...

Nicholas Saputra
Fuiyohh rock star on the stage yO!

Confession on a runway
Oh my this picture is really nice yO!

They all doing my picca trademark eh :P

Nana XFM
Nana XFM

Astro Astrolife
Diddy AF

Akademi Fantasia AF
Nicholas Saputra

Diddy AF
FANS on the day yO!

Derek Yap & Marcus Tan
Trying to push ppl into the taxi eh :P

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Monday, April 26, 2010

CROCS: A shoe for every yOU! (really!!!)

Wasssuppp Shaz: A brand new week! Starting night shift today for this whole week... that's being on air from 8PM-11PM. Wish me luck! Hahaah... anyway another 2 whole weeks till i'm off to Jakarta for my HOLIDAYs, BANDONG for my SHOPPINg, and then BALI twice for another set of HOLIDAY :)

Millionnaire i will be once i change my MYR to IDR... then broke i will be once i'm done with all my touring around Indonesia! Hahahah...

Feel good, look great with new footwear from Crocs'
Spring / Summer 2010 Collection

I bet many of y'all have NEVER tried these new bunch of CROCS footwear before! Always... just looking / passing by the CROCS shop near you... but never really bothered to go in... coz in your MIND... it's been set that CROCS are the type of shoes that are plasticky!


But hey, the special material used to make these shoes are the one that makes CROCS really special, comfortable and great to wear everyday! Really... because i was just like you before. I saw the "CROCS" before when they first came out... never really knew that they had other types / designs till recently.

Found myself a pair of loafers and a few more pairs of shoes that i would really like to put my hands on! Oh well... slowly i shall buy them.

OH!! Yeah...
Special MSG for y'all... DiGi Customers!!!

Checkout the CROCS Warehouse SALE
29th April 2010 - Level 2 (Ikano Power Centre)
10AM (Special for DiGi & UOB Card Customers extra 5% disc)

I will so be there this THURSDAY for the warehouse sale! Remember... you have to be either a DiGi or UOB card member to enter this preview of the sale! Because it's only opened to the public on Friday the 30th!

What i like about CROCS: I have some foot problem that's being looked at Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre in KL... and the problem is with my shoes! The sole is too hard and it's too HOT when worn... which creates some vapor and makes my socks wet too. Which in return, the bacteria here will culminate and attack my feet.

Little that i know... these are actually attacking me RIGHT NOW! And i need to get some treatment for it and change to BETTER shoes which is more comfy! (other than my current boots with metal cap toe).

Since i got my pair of CROCS - it's been far much better, yes... my FEET problem! It's solving with the help of the medication but on top of that the sole of this pair of CROCS is so comfortable that makes my feet better. It's a whole new experience altogether actually.

And now i know why i can find CROCS at Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre (Pharmacy), it's recommended for a reason! Don't worry... it's not just for me... but for you to. Just like their tagline "A shoe for every you!".

Almost Barefoot Collection (ABF): One of the major highligh of Crocs Spring / Summer 2010 series is the innovatively designed Almost Barefoot (ABF) Collection. Inspired by the foot's natural form and designed for superior ergonomic comfort and fit, the new Crocs ABF Collection promises the "almost barefoot" feeling and yet offers your feet important protection and arch support.

Colors, don't worry about it... some really vivid colors in this range and with special designs for both men and women.

Feeling Good... that's what i feel NOWadays with my pair of crocs! You have to know this... no i am NOT PAID to write this. I was just invited to attend the event and so i found myself to try these shoes and found that it's really LITE and COMFORTABLE.

Can say so that it's almost healing my feet problem... helping it to heal faster and letting me walk around and not just rest down. THANK YOU CROCS :)

Wanna get yourself one?
Checkout CROCS at MidValley Megamall, Pavilion, Sungei Wang, Ikano Power Centre and many other stores.... for a complete detail - please visit http://www.crocs.com.my
CROCS Malaysia

Life without CROCS
Life without CROCS... kaki memang sakit! Loike ME

ABF Range of CROCS
Life WITH CROCS - Can hangout with hot CHICKS!

Bloggers and Friends at CROCS
And great friends too :)

Crocs Malaysia
And you can showoff to your friends... be different!

Media with CROCS MY

Lunch at Delicious
And hangout with our nations greatest :)
Ashleigh Hong

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Samsung: NX 10 "A New Generation"

Wasssuppp Shaz: Phew, after a full week of NOT BEING able to access my BLOGGER account due to i have no idea what! I reported it and it took them wayyyy too long to process! Anyways, here i am - able - to update my blog! SO i shall share with you some of the cool events i went to recently.

From the desk of the SME, Errr that's Samsung Malaysia Electronics... came in this press invite for the new Digital Imaging Evolution by Samsung... the latest range of Innovative Device... what is it? None other than the Samsung NX10.

A line up of Samsung Digital Imaging evolution products were in view here today... that not just only provides a complete solution for shooting but also for sharing and enjoying. Smart Cameras that meet different consumer needs and creating intuitive user experiences through a combination of improved optical technology and strengthened connectivity with other consumer devicces.

The Samsung NX10 - a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with a new concept in high definition, portability and usability. The NX10 has a tagline that shouts "Why capture? Create!".

On the other hand, the Samsung NX10 represents a new category based on consumers' desire to create imaginative and iconic images through the camera's editing capabilities. Combining the high image quality of a dSLR with the excellent portability of a compact camera, it is complemented by a total of eight lenses that are specifically designed to ensure that users get the most out of their photography experience.

Samsung NX10
Samsung Management Team with range of SME devices...

Samsung NX10
Samsung NX10

Samsung NX10
Ciao Ristorante is located at a very peaceful & nice area :)

Samsung NX10
Samsung NX10 with the Pancake lens!

Samsung NX10
A camera - taking another camera's picture? Huh..

Samsung NX10
Samsung NX 10 - outdoor shoot!

Samsung NX10
What's the meaning of love you may ask to her?

Ciao Ristorante
Old buddy... Derek aka Archangel in the mIRC days!

Bloggers NX10 Launch
Bloggers, Media, Clients... at the Samsung Launch of NX10

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Friday, April 16, 2010

XGig 2010: Melaka Pt.2

Wasssuppp Shaz: Malacca is fun... especially when you go with a bunch of friends! Anyway, My holiday plans has changed a little bit! Good thing i never buy my flight ticket yet at the time. Juz found out that my company trip is postponed to 2 weeks later, the same week i'm suppose to go to Jakarta. So i'm bringing forward my trip to JKT a week ealier then Bali and Co-Trip! Yahooo...

The Times, Seven Collar T-Shirt, One Buck Short... you must've at least heard about at least one of these bands! If not... you're not a true Malaysian are ya? Hahha... The Gig was awesome! Although One Buck Short came in a bit late due to the overwhelming traffic to Malacca town!

Had a helluva time in Malacca, went for the best Tandoori in town at PAK PUTRA. Brought out a friend from Germany to go around too! Felix his name is. Went to Jonker Street, hangout at a place there with my colleagues and friends... there were like 20++ of us there that nite! FUN TIME.

Crowd at XGig Melaka
The HUGE Crowd at XGig

One Buck Short OBS
One Buck Short

OBS Melaka
One Buck Short with FANS

Haziq OBS
The Band - OBS with Haziq

Best Tandoori Melaka
Felix from GERMANY loves Cheese Garlic Naan!

Melaka Food
A bunch of friends - dine at Pak Putra

Malaccca Food
The food is so great here that it makes our muscles BIG!!

Tornado Chips Melaka
Something new, Tornado Chips - but not worth it la!

No SEX please!
OH NOOO... big NO

I want my mommy!
I want my mommyyy!!

Shaz M & Zara Ismail
See, i had Hot Choc and they all laughed at me!

But at least i got a girl with me and me muscle flexin!

Shaz M & Sarra
I meant 2 girls... Sara :)

I will kill u
Ernie on a killin' spree!

Muscle Flexin
Muscle Flexin' again!

Felix Scheerer - German in Malaysia
Felix from Germany at Malacca

Laksa Melaka
Great Malaccan Laksa, but i prefer Elena's mom's Laksa!

Melaka Historic Monument
Historical Monuments in Melaka

Malacca Monuments to Visit
Really Historical till no roof!

Backpacking in Malacca
Much recommended Backpackers in Melaka / Malacca - Jalan Jalan Besi Guesthouse!

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