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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Selamilah Cinta Ini...

Heyyyy peeps! 
I know i  have been away for quite a while recently! This was due to the tough month at woork! A lot of changes, and more things to be done by each individuals! But hey... not to worry everything is cool now!


Anyways... a lot of things happened recently, apart from me being in various parts of Malaysia within the past 4 weeks... was in Malacca, Johor Bahru, Penang, Ipoh and that wasn't all! There's still more to go! 

Apart from that... catching up with friends was a tough one this month! But hey still got the time to do so! I know i owe you guys to meet up for supper or lunch or dinner! You know who you are.. but if u still dunno then u are Fazri, Johnson, XJ, Joseph, Sebastian, Mun Mun, Joveena, Daphne, Nisha, Nina and many others! 

But one thing that really happened to me this month of March was this topic bout LOVE! There's this new song sung by a local singer that caught my mind! And i kinda dreamt about it...well the lyrics actually. 

Like what if SHE really sang it to me! Maybe another girl...the girl of my dreams...but i am too shy to go after her or to even ask her... but perhaps what i am experiencing is what is in the lyrics of the song. Im a looser maybe i am... let's read up the song lyric first and u guys would know how i am feeling!


Cuba kau renungkan mataku ini
Kau akan lihat erti cinta dari renunganku
Renungkanlah agar kau mengerti

Dari mula seharusnya mengerti
Kau akan lihat betapa hebatnya cintaku
Kerna aku permaisuri cintamu

Cinta bisa berubah segala
Cinta juga bisa membawamu
Terbang bersamaku

Cintailah cintaku ini
Dan aku akan cintai cintamu
Kerna tiada yang seindah cinta
Bila terpaku pada cintanya

Cintailah cintaku ini
Dan aku amat mencintai kamu
Percayalah kau akan rasa sesuatu
Bila kau selami cintaku

Selamilah selamilah cinta


Seriously... the song lyrics kinda depicts what i feel nowadays... it's like as if im avoiding her or avoiding to look into her eyes because i know i'd want her but i don't know how to tell her that i like her... or how i've fallen for her all these months... days...years???

Anyways will update my blog with more photos tomorrow! Updates about the latest events and happenings in town! The recent Friday the 13th event that i emcee'd and the recent newspaper coverage! Wheeee...



Hello, my name is Shaz (25)
Producer.Radio Announcer.Emcee.
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