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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random days... How was yours???

Do The DEW - With Mountain Dew!!!: Psstt... yes yes how much am i sponsored to put that within the 1st few words of my current blog UPDATE! You must be asking... Oh well let that be a secret.

How has your month passed by for you? Was it fast... eventful month? Got lots more moolahs this time around compared to others? Well... everyone has a story of their own!

For me, i've been going around town and meeting up with friends and going for events with just my iPHONE 3GS! (so backdated meh...) Yea, didn't bring my Nikon D300 coz its too big and heavy... as for my phone... everyone been saying SHAZ are you going to upgrade to iPHONE 4?

Come on... for me, if the phone still works - there's no need for a change unless i need too do something for work purpose and my current phone doesn't allow me to do so. Just imagine this, there are families out there who eats rice with some vege all day long with no meats. Some eats Sambal Udang without the Udang coz they can't afford the Udang.

It's very pityful... yes but they still live their life and enjoy what they have as a family. If you ever have the chance to help anyone - would you? I sure hope you would, coz they really appreciate the help.

It's so random for me to talk about this part of life right now... but enjoy the photos will you :)

Was with 2 friends from OXFORD, Julian and Xander so we went to Batu Caves

This is the inside of the cave, souvenirs anybody?

Oh yea... was with another bunch of friends here too... brunch at the footsteps of the cave!

Deepavali Celebration is coming up real soon! Happy Diwali :)

We went to Brickfields to enjoy one of the best ABC in town :)

Hari Raya - Celebration, Rumah Terbuka ASTRO @ KLCC Convention Centre

Yes, me in Baju Melayu... with Caydence :)

Now, my time goes like this... WORK - GYM - BOARD GAMES hahahah

Steam Burger! This burger is so awesome that it beats McD's Prosperity any time!

They Steam the beef patty, grill it then does the same for the buns!

What did we do? Most of the time... stand up and talk talk talk....

My second BURGER this night :P

Oh look... it's TIME to sleep!!! GOOD NIGHT peeps.

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