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Thursday, November 25, 2010

MAS: First in the world to fly on board B737-800

Wasssuppp Shaz: know i promised you loads... but Dear Readers of this Frenchie network... i've been busy with work work work and travelling here and there. Most of you have been following me very closely and discretely over both my Facebook accounts and Twitter!

I KNOW :) And i thank you for that...

For now, i wanna bring your attention towards a once in a lifetime epic adventure that i was invited to join recently... MALAYSIA AIRLINES SYSTEM (MAS) our national air-carrier with a TRUE Malaysian Hospitality has done it again!

What is it this time? MAS is the 1st airline in the world to receive the all new BOEING 737-800, the replacement model to the B737-400. This aircraft is set to fly a direct route between Kota Kinabalu (KKIA) to Haneda (Japan). Recently on the 15th of November, marks an important day for both MAS and Malaysia as we happily launched the 1st commercial flight for the B737-800 from KKIA to Haneda.

What's so Special about the B737-800???
Even my dad has been asking me... not only that he wants to board one! Yes, he travels to KK, Kuching, Tawau often... but oh well told him that for now MAS only use the new aircraft for flights between KK and Haneda. But not to worry, MAS ordered 55 of these aircrafts to replace the previous model (B737-400) that will cover the current domestic and certain short distance international flights.

What to look forward to onboard the B737-800!!!
  • The high ceiling, yes it's higher than the 400 series!
  • Thematic mood lighting, there's the BLUE SKY light too!!! It changes color depending on the mood that is set.
  • Hand baggage compartment is more spacious and better.
  • Seats are leather fitted with a TOUCH SCREEN LCD Screen with Audio & Video on demand! A variety of TV series and movies for you to watch! For young kids to adults :)

*More pictures are on Facebook, soon i will post it up here on my BLOG :)
Oh Yea....another piece of story for you... wait up next year!!! MAS gonna bring you another brand new aircraft... but this time around, is it gonna be an Airbus or another Boeing? Stay tuned aights :)

Was invited by MAS to experience the all new B737-800 at KLIA for a day flight into Kota Kinabalu and back to KL after lunch and some shopping!!!

Look at that beautiful LCD touch screen with AOD and the kind Malaysian Hospitality of our young beautiful air stewardass helping out!

Meal is served at no extra cost onboard MAS, you can choose your seating preference too and oh yea drinks are complimentary :)

The all new B737-800 greeted warmly at KKIA - Sabah

Lunch - we were served with SEAFOOD!!!

And more seafood!!! Eat until cannot eat edi... MAS really fed us well today!

This CRAB is juz awesome!!! Must try :)

Ooppss... time to go back to KL! Goodbye KK - Hello Kuala Lumpur :)

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MILF... i meant MIGF 2010

Wasssuppp All MILF's!!!: Kidding, so when was the last time you watched American Pie? Am sure... no matter how long that was you could still remember this joke! Anyhow... was at the MIGF 2010 which is the Malaysian International Gourmet Festival held at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach.

Such an auspicious event held at a very informal location... but Malaysian Socialites, VIP's and papa & mama's still know how to dress chic / fashionably at such an event. I was perhaps the only one that was not dressed to the theme which was BEACH WEAR. Ohh well... next time then!

This event was held with the presence of some of the TOP CHEF's in Malaysian Hotels & Gourmands Restaurants... they participated in this competition in which over a month plus... visitors who visits the restaurant eats the best of their menu and votes for who should win which award.

Myriad of awards given on this night, i really can't remember it all. What i know is that this event is FANTABULOUS... officiated with the Minister of Tourism and other VVIP's!

What else can you ask for? BIG CARS... checked! BIG BOOBS... checked! HAhaha... Big FOOD platters... checked!!! Really enjoyed this event as i got to meet my old friends from Uni and other work places! We had little time to catchup, kinda promised to catch up out of this event but hehehe... i guess everyone is busy with their own. Now, let's enjoy the photos....

Edwin, Amelia, Jerine, Rebecca

Jerine, Amelia, Edwin & Rebecca

Friends from Melium - Jasmine, Sheryn & Lee Ju

Oh... old friend from the office! Andrew Fonseka - Former Ms. Malaysia Universe

Jerine me and Jivani... well we used to call her Pu... err ok! (ask me!)

Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach - MIGF 2010

ATV's their version of Police Ecort for the VVIP

Ohhh look at that piece of LUXURY!

VVIP's Greeted at the main arrival hall

Chef's from various different Hotels in Kuala Lumpur - greeting the arrival of VVIP's

Fireworks for any type of celebration yO!

Myriad of Malaysian FRUITS here tonight!

Friends from Hilton KL - Wei Bel

Simon So & Me

Chef's & VVIP's on stage giving and receiving awards!

Ohh.. these are APPROPRIATE!!! Beach wear :P

These are just a tad bit too much tho!

Last but not least... if you are in Malaysia - you MUST enjoy our local delights!
Don't know where to go and eat? Well... hit me up i will bring you around :)

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chillin in Penang

Wasssuppp Shaz: Recently i was in Penang to chill, relax and recuperate... YES YES YES, i know i've been on so many HOLIDAYS recently from Penang to Singapore and back to Singapore again. Well we live our LIFE only once, let's make full use of it! ENJOY :)

Penang - the land of FOOD! Quite true, just like how people call Japan the land of the rising sun, well here in Penang you can NEVER go HUNGRY! There's simply just too much to eat! Even if you are a foreigner... you still can go find the BEST of what PENANG has to offer!

Why? Coz... Penang Tourism (State Government) has prepared a special brochure with the BEST of PENANG voted by YOU (locals / Malaysians / tourists) of its vest food outlets!

Each few pages will share with you specifically on a certain type of food! Let's say... Pg. 1-5 will share with you the best of Nasi Kandar in town! Their name, address and how to get there! Oh yea SPECIALTIES too.


Not forgetting, the best LAKSA, ABC, Popiah, Takua Rendang and much more! So if you are in Penang and wanna go for a food hunt! Check out the Tourism Office first and take the flyers available over the counter! This will be very helpful for both tourists and locals!

Was in Penang with my friend from Singapore - KELVIN and BENATHON.
Had so much fun going from one place to eat and eat and eat.... all the way from KL we non stop eat! Even at Ipoh we ate the all time famous NASI GANJA (which is situated just right beside the Police HQ).

HAhahahh... you must be wondering how many KILOS we gained after this food hunt trail! Well... just look at the photos then you will know. Trust your instincts when you wanna eat here in Penang! JUST ENJOY :)

This is a stall on HUTTON LANE, in between two buildings - features its Nasi Dalca most of the time but i come here for their Roti Telor Setengah Masak and Roti Bakar! AUTHENTICITY to the max with a guy who is still going strong at the age of 90! Long white beard serving you...

Kapitan CLAYPOT Biryani, i've never tasted BIRYANI this GOOD before! The Chicken makes a helluva lot of difference!!! Really... you can have Chicken Masala at other restaurants... and other types of gravy! But this here in Penang is DYNAMITE!!!

When you are on GURNEY DRIVE for some FOOD! Well not everything here has gone COMMERCIAL! Well some of them still keep their recipe close to heart like this stall #80. Their Soya Bean, Longan Jelly and Tau Fu Fa is DYNAMITEZ!!! Must try is their Longan Jelly, although it's sold in almost all the dessert shop here... but theirs is DA' BOMB!!!

This is Marianne, we had lunch together with Kelvin here at the all time famous BANANA LEAF restaurant in BANGSAR. Why is it famous? Well their CURRY is HERBALLY DYNAMITEZ!!! If you eat with your fingers... hands.. the smell will stay there for a while! Don't fret... once you have a good hand wash it will go off! Check out NIRVANA in Bangsar, opposite Bangsar Village 2 Shopping Mall.

Kelvin, if you gained weight during your trip here... please don't blame it all on me! HAHAHAHAH... yes we have great food here in MALAYSIA :)

Well that's all from me here for now... enjoy this blog for more FOOD posts and do checkout Edwin's Blog - http://www.clickclickculinary.com for more FOOD STUFFSS!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Being me... i know what you really really want! OPPORTUNITIES =)
Yes, SFX Network (Yes, we are on FACEBOOK) - self funded, no strings attached... we would like to give opportunities to BLOGGERS out there the chance to go for events!

Terms & Conditions:
1. You don't have to be known
2. You don't have to be a famous one...
3. You can be who you are!
4. You can be yourself or dress up as someone who you wanna be... BE INSPIRED!
In actual fact... the only thing you need to do is just BLOG!!!
Blog about your experience... we ask for nothing more :)

TO BE INVITED: Random selected bloggers who signs their interest in the following events below, just have to e-mail me as required. No pre-event blog update require, nothing is required apart from the BLOG UPDATE after the event (can be up to 7 days after the event).
For the events below, those interested... please e-mail to me shazfx @ gmail.com (Name, NRIC, BLOG Address & Contact Number).

Stadium Astro Shaz BLOGGERS

BPL Viewing Party - Liverpool vs Chelsea LIVE in HD
Date: 7th November 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 9PM
Location: Will be revealed via e-mail

Event #2:
DOME Cafe The Gardens - FOOD TASTING Session
Date: TBA (TBC-11th November 2010)
Time: 8PM
Location: DOME Cafe, The Gardens MALL.

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Simple Life = iTalk Whoa!

Let’s back trace our lives few years ago… heck make it 10 years ago! It wasn’t this busy although we are already surfing the net, chatting on chatrooms – forums… and meeting up with them in IRL – In Real Life.

Now, with social media such as Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, MSN and NEWS that comes in constantly no matter what time it is… day or night! We can consider ourselves lucky now coz back then NEWS take yonks to go through one to another…

Remember the NEWS on Fuel hike many many years ago! That you found out via Newspaper / Radio and later on via news sites (or perhaps even blogs). But this medium takes time to get to you… and by the time you realize it, fuel prices has already gone up. Now with the different types of social media… (i.e.: Twitter, Facebook) you get all these updates almost instantaneously!

Now, there’s almost everything that can make your life simpler… and one of it is RSS feeds! What are RSS feeds you might ask! Well RSS stands for “REALLY SIMPLE SYNDICATION”. Hence the shortform R-S-S.


The beauty of RSS Feeds:

RSS Feeds enable you to get news feeds and updates on any topics that interest you fast and easy. You don’t have to check or be on the lookout on what’s coming.

It delivers the headline, short summary and a link back to the full text every time an RSS news feed is updated.

How does it benefit you?

· If you have been worried about giving your name and email address to subscribe to any newsletter, the RSS feed in iTalk Whoa! has come to your rescue. Subscribing to RSS feed does not require you to do so. No more e-mails and no spams too. Your privacy is assured.

· You will get updates automatically on your iTalk Whoa’s account.

· For those who have got used to bookmaking pages, this is no longer necessary.

· If you are a content owner or publisher, you are able to distribute your contents without being sent to the junk folder.

How to configure RSS feeds on your iTalk Whoa’s account?


Select the RSS Feeds under Mail panel and click on New Group to create a new category/group


Pop up box [RSSFeed Category Name] will appear and please input any name for the new group – example News.


Then click on button [Add]
Automatically the News Feeds will appear in current Category Panel as below:


To input any info on News category, just search for RSS News that interest you. In the example, the feeds gather from The star newspaper.

Just go to the The Star Url - http://thestar.com.my/

Scroll further down till the end of the webpage and you will see image as below:


The RSS icon placed on the right side and click on it.

You may input or place any RSS in iTalk Whoa! for any website that have the RSS icon

You may get RSS Feeds from:

· Any newspaper – The star [http://thestar.com.my/rss/]

· At PC/Entertainment website – Apple [http://www.apple.com/rss/]

· At blogger website


Shown above the link for RSS Feeds in The Star newspaper. Thus you can just choose any topic that interests you the most. In this example, Sport under News been selected.


Just right click on the RSS icon besides the Sport News and select ‘Copy Link Location’.


Go back to your iTalk Whoa’s account and highlight the News icon, input ‘Sport’ under ‘Feed Description’ and paste the url copied previously.


The Sport RSS url will appear and click ‘Add New’ button and the Sport RSS will appear in the Feed Name Box as below:


To view all the RSS Feeds for sport, just click on Sport under News at the Mail Panel:

All the Sport highlights will be display in split second and you can just click on any link to read/view the full story of the day.


Sometimes, the link create does not appear immediately. Thus user need to wait for a few minutes before the link to appear. Or user may logout and login again into iTalk Whoa! to view the link.

See how easy RSS is on iTALK WHOA!
For me, whatever that makes my life easier, faster and helps me in my daily routine RAWKS!!!

I’ve updated my RSS feeds on iTALK WHOA! Have you updated yours???
Be sure to check-out the RSS feed function on your iTALK WHOA! Today… http://www.italkwhoa.com/

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Hello, my name is Shaz (25)
Producer.Radio Announcer.Emcee.
AMP Radio Networks (ASTRO)


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