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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random days... How was yours???

Do The DEW - With Mountain Dew!!!: Psstt... yes yes how much am i sponsored to put that within the 1st few words of my current blog UPDATE! You must be asking... Oh well let that be a secret.

How has your month passed by for you? Was it fast... eventful month? Got lots more moolahs this time around compared to others? Well... everyone has a story of their own!

For me, i've been going around town and meeting up with friends and going for events with just my iPHONE 3GS! (so backdated meh...) Yea, didn't bring my Nikon D300 coz its too big and heavy... as for my phone... everyone been saying SHAZ are you going to upgrade to iPHONE 4?

Come on... for me, if the phone still works - there's no need for a change unless i need too do something for work purpose and my current phone doesn't allow me to do so. Just imagine this, there are families out there who eats rice with some vege all day long with no meats. Some eats Sambal Udang without the Udang coz they can't afford the Udang.

It's very pityful... yes but they still live their life and enjoy what they have as a family. If you ever have the chance to help anyone - would you? I sure hope you would, coz they really appreciate the help.

It's so random for me to talk about this part of life right now... but enjoy the photos will you :)

Was with 2 friends from OXFORD, Julian and Xander so we went to Batu Caves

This is the inside of the cave, souvenirs anybody?

Oh yea... was with another bunch of friends here too... brunch at the footsteps of the cave!

Deepavali Celebration is coming up real soon! Happy Diwali :)

We went to Brickfields to enjoy one of the best ABC in town :)

Hari Raya - Celebration, Rumah Terbuka ASTRO @ KLCC Convention Centre

Yes, me in Baju Melayu... with Caydence :)

Now, my time goes like this... WORK - GYM - BOARD GAMES hahahah

Steam Burger! This burger is so awesome that it beats McD's Prosperity any time!

They Steam the beef patty, grill it then does the same for the buns!

What did we do? Most of the time... stand up and talk talk talk....

My second BURGER this night :P

Oh look... it's TIME to sleep!!! GOOD NIGHT peeps.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

NAGOMI: Japanese Restaurant (Jaya 33 / Menara Hap Seng)

WASABI: Wasssupppp... this reminds me of that cartoon... i forgot what was it called but it goes something like Wasssuppp.. WAssupppp... Wasssuppp then BANG!!! U dead... LoL.


On a happier note, if you think you've tasted real wasabi at those other Japanese restaurant in malls... well no, those are the cheaper version of wasabi. The best, real... authentic Wasabi is those that you find in some hotels, fine dining restaurants and of course this high-end Japanese Restaurant called NAGOMI.

Enjoy Japanese d'lish from NAGOMI at Menara Hap Seng Kuala Lumpur (used to be Mui Plaza opposite Jln. P. Ramlee, behind Hap Seng Star Mercedes Showroom) and also at Jaya 33 in Petaling Jaya.

Check-out Nagomi coz they not only serve you real WASABI but some of the freshest sashimi and other Japanese delicacies in town!

6 of us had dinner at Nagomi in Jaya 33 a while ago... and we had some of the sumptuous dinner we ever had. I previously thought that this Japanese restaurant in The Gardens Mall actually serves the best in Everything Japan had to offer.

Well, i thought wrong! There are other Japanese Restaurants in HOTELS like Shang-Ri La KL with Zipangu that has amazing Japanese food served to you! But, in actual fact NAGOMI too has a great variety and serves a wider variety.

The great thing about NAGOMI is that their menu always evolve! They offer new dishes every now and then... but maintain the strictest quality. This is made possible with some of their re-known Chef's that's in place both at Nagomi Menara Hap Seng and Jaya 33.

Enough with the bla-bla'ing!!! I know you just can't wait to see the photos!!!
Hopefully... you've had your dinner! Coz i haven't :)

Sakura Sashimi Moriawase (RM128), served in a big bowl of shaved ice. There were seven different types of seafoods and each type comes in three. For those who are on a tighter budget, there’s Ayame Shashimi Moriawase for RM60; which has five different types and also comes in three pieces each.

One of the CHEF's at Nagomi...

Another CHEF at NAGOMI...

This is one of the COOK's at NAGOMI doing the skewers...

Here's the outcome of it... Gyu (RM12) or in plain English, cubed beef. Do remind the waitress how you like your beef to be cooked and I recommend you to choose medium as the beef could be really chewy and lose its flavour and juiciness when cooked to well done.

Halfway through... we have more and more food to go!!!

There are a whole lot variations/ingredients under the kushiyaki/barbecue section, such as capsicum, quail egg, tomato, scallop, asparagus, salmon, chicken wing, white button mushroom, black mushroom, beef tongue (I know!), ladies finger, cubed beef and etc. The price ranges from RM3 to RM12 and each order comes with two sticks.

Was there for dinner with Wilson & Jason Mumbles on this table with our friend from NAGOMI.

First up was Mango Salad (RM28) with salmon sashimi, mind you. The combination ofhome restaurant chef made sourish dressing and sweet mangoes made the salad a perfect appetizer in opening up your appetite for the feast later on. The little croûtons, fresh lettuces, crab sticks and fish roes added extra texture and flavour to the dish.

California Roll here is awesome!!! You should really try it, the seaweed used here to wrap it up and the rice has made a significant change in not just the flavor, taste but also texture to it.

Still hungry... we ordered this and more more more food!!!


No Japanese meal (of mine) is complete unless a slice of perfectly cooked and glazed Unagi Kabayaki (RM30) is present. I like how they used fried eggs as garnishing; both colors are in contrast with each other.

While there were only four slices on the plate, each slice was rather big and thick. Unlike the cheaper unagis out there which tend to be powdery, the one I had at Nagomi was firm, succulent and sweet. Yums!

We had two different salmon steaks, the first picture was teppanyaki styled (RM26) while the second picture was sake shioyaki (RM19) or salt baked salmon. I couldn’t tell the difference between the two. Apart from cooking style, could it be different parts of the fish were used? I doubt so but both fresh salmons were cooked till perfection and had the melt-in-your-mouth liked texture.

Still hungry... okay we all have BOTTOMLESS pit stomach!

We also had Gyu Sukiyaki where we got to cook really thin beef slices in a shallow iron pot containing soup/broth mixed using soy sauce, sugar and mirin and ingredients like mushrooms, vegetables and tofus. The cooked beef slices were then dipped in a bowl of raw beaten eggs before being consumed.

Thanks to Jason Mumbles (above) for the text in some of the pictures above, explaining how each and every dish tasted! I strictly agree to his reasoning! I would rather explain all these in my own words... but Jason knows it best.

This is BEEF TONGUE... yes. Comes with a pre-heated hot plate where you will have to cook it yourself with seasoning given in the smaller bowl.

Move it around when you cook the beef tongue, turn it around from one side to the other to ensure that both side is cooked.

Of course, cooking with a friend is better. Some says it tastes better too :)

This is our friend from NAGOMI :) Thank you for all your help!!!

I kinda forgotten what this roll is called but its gorgeously presented with a myriad of colors!!! Tastes exquisite... so different than any other rolls i've tasted.

Garlic Fried Rice - yes, for a greater experience at NAGOMI, you get to cook your very own Fried Rice or they will cook it for you in front of you :)

Pour in the egg first... stir it around as if you're making scrambled egg.

Pour in the RICE, the hot bowl is hot enough to cook the egg and mixed with rice.

Here comes the Birthday CAKE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

Mochi - Heavenly... haven't tasted Mochi this good other than those my friends brought back from Japan. If you are a MOCHI fan... please please please try this out! I assure you its AWESOME.

The Abekawa Mochi (RM13) was pretty good too, with loads of crushed peanuts (I prefer crushed over powdered ones.), sugar and something else that I couldn’t really pin point what it was. The mochi, served warm, didn’t stick to my teeth like others did too.

Pisang Goreng with Ice Cream... this is a must try too!!!

Green Tea Ice-Cream, i LOVE IT!!! You can taste and smell the grenn tea in this!

NAGOMI, you're the best!!! Keep up the good work in delivering great Japanese food :)

Met up with some friends from the industry having dinner here too :)

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time Travel, is it really possible???

Wasssuppp Shaz: Been a LOOOONG week of celebrations and much!!! To newly weds, CONGRATULATIONS!!! To those who just got a year older... HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

Now, the serious part of this BLOG Update, do you think Time Travel is possible? Well after watching WAREHOUSE 13 - Season 2 with HG Wells being the prime actress in this movie, instead of the leading 2 actors...

Well HG Wells is a women in this series, and apparently she liked girls too... i really have no idea what's the truth any more... so can somebody tell me is HG Wells a women or a men? Please don't answer me with WOMEN = World of Men...ZzZZzz...

Was watching this Video Clip on YOUtube...
This women in a 1920's Video Clip that was filmed then had a Lady in it talking on a cellphone... probably a cellphone... well, there's no mobile phone back then... some people thought that it's a hearing aid but there's no one else near her...

Oh well... let's see what's the outcome in the next few years.... about time travelling!!!
Maybe i'm gonna come back to this post and change my wordings 10 years down the road?

Who knows...

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Manager's Experience, at NANDO's

Wasssuppp Shaz: I've been on holiday lately... to a few places with no Internet Service or Laptop around me. The only thing i have is my iPHONE to update my Twitter and Facebook. So i please GUILTY! Yes... i'm guilty of not updating my BLOG as i promised. But oh well... LIFE, if you are on HOLIDAY. Act like one... be like one... forget about the rest of the world, your usual life... change it... to do what you wanna do for once :)

NANDO's Pavilion

T'was recently during the Fasting month of Ramadhan... i went on a NANDO's CRAZE... 3 days in a row, i break fast at NANDO's.... 1st was at NANDO's Pavilion, 2nd was at NANDO's MV and 3rd was at NANDO's Tropicana City Mall.

What caught my eye on one of my trips to NANDO's are the following events that happened at NANDO's Pavilion. Really a good example of how a leader and it's subs should work hand in hand to not only serve its customers but also to champion what we call "Common Courtesy & Customer's 1st".

1. It was 8.30PM, way after the break fast time... i broke my fast at Snowflakes Pavilion... as i reached there late. So yea... all the NANDO's staffs were actually perifect! Everyone was attached to a station, cleaning up tables, setting up tables, refilling drinks, getting the bill & payments, sending food and last but not least in charge of getting new customers tables.

Well, my waiting time was not that long considering there was an Arabian family in front of me and another dude. I was 3rd in queue... Got my table and ordered immediately as i already know what i want to eat. Table was clean and menu was there :)

2. My order came just the way i ordered it.... half chicken with 2 sidelines, made sure that both halves are breast meat. When i got it... something was missing... my cutleries! I looked up and saw the manager, he saw my table and quickly found out what was missing before i could even ask him for the cutleries... he went out of his way and got my fork & knife. THX Mr Manager!!!

3. One of the crew asked the manager to help her with something... and he helped! He even made some drinks, refilled drinks... basically he didn't pass it on to someone else, but was responsible enough to do it himself. Other managers, that i've seen so far elsewhere would just pass it on to some other staffs on the floor.

4. The manager, again... does refill, picking up plates, and even came to my table while i was eating asking if everything is in order. He made his rounds making sure that everyone was satisfied :)

5. The manager and his staffs ensured that they said THANK YOU to each customer leaving, or going to the counter and pay... well this is a table serviced restaurant but some customers prefer to go to the counter and pay as it was faster then... coz there were alot of customers leaving at the same time, but nonetheless the Manager without fail said THANK YOU to those at the counter too.

This is my NANDO's experience, what's yours? No this is no contest or what... just my 2 cents worth compared to what the Nando's Manager gave to all of us that evening... it was worth every penny and every cent writing this post.

Sometimes, when you do something right, good... you should be applaud for such, sometimes you don't... well i really think that this TEAM at NANDO's Pavilion deserves a pat on their shoulder for a great job well done as a TEAM!

T.E.A.M - Together, Everyone, Achieves - MORE.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

NAGOMI: The one that you'll enjoy the most

Wasssuppp Shaz: Been having temporary glitch on my blog, buttons that don't work to go to the history pages (previous updates) and had probs with my external hard disk drive. That's where i store my photos - well my laptop been having some problems with the foldering system, apparently the PICTURES folder is the only one that i can't access - dunno why (any1 have any idea why?).

First and foremost, i'd like to apologise to all my readers for the updates that's taking so long. Which is due to the external hard disk problem and laptop where i place my photos. Without them photos - my blog would probably look dull. Well, fret not... coz even without my blog updates - loadss of y'all been stalking my Facebook n messaging me for updates there aight! Well... you're up to date - i can reassure you!

Nagomi Jaya 33
Sakura Sashimi Moriawase @ Nagomi Jaya 33

On the other hand... the moment that you all been waiting for!
The NumErouS messsages that i've been getting and questions such as "HOW WAS DINNER AT NAGOMI?" ... or "is it worth it to eat there?" .... ermm "is it any GOOD?"... "What's so GOOD at NAGOMI?"...

Well... here's the pre-verdict! a teaser juz 4 U! Coz i'm goin to be uploading the full-scale blog update on the dinner trip to NAGOMI with few other friends... in the next few days to come! So STAY TUNED :)

Nagomi Jaya 33
Sakura Sashimi Moriawase @ Nagomi Jaya 33

It's really fresh, its very tasty, only the finest was used to make this platter - all the way from the sashimi to the wasabi dip, unlike any other wasabi i've tasted... this is purely goodness! - Check it all out at NAGOMI Jaya 33

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Njoy Xtra Talktime this Raya with iTALKWHOA!


If you’re like me one of those workaholics (juzz kidding!!) that has to work on Hari Raya (actually I’m in Public Service, yehh Radio is Public Service yO!). Well you may not have the chance to balik kampung… I know sad right! T’is that time of the year that you go back to your hometown to see your loved ones and you just can’t!

Don’t be SAD! Coz there’s iTALKWHOA! Just the thing that you need the most this season! Why? Apart from this being the ONLY Malaysian online platform that allows you to CALL, SMS and Video Call (oh yea don’t forget the web messaging service too…) iTALKWHOA! Is also giving you FREE Xtra Credits once you reload during this festive season.

How does it work? Easy… as 1..2..3! =)

In conjunction with Ramadhan and Aidilfitri, starting from 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010, enjoy 20% ADDITIONAL talktime automatically credited into your account if you activate/reload your iTalk card from 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010.


This sounds more like duit raya for you allz rite! Wahhh dah tua tua (muda) pun nak duit raya lagi! Hahha… well that feeling never gets out of you right! Well enjoy this festive season with MORE from iTALK…

There is more from iTalk, TM online contents can now been purchase using iTalk. Please visit website below:

· HyppTunes (www.hypptunes.com.my)

· E-Browse (www.ebrowse.com.my)

· B-SmartXpress (www.bluehyppo.com)

· Gamezone (www.hyppgames.com.my)

· MUTV online (www.hypp.tv/manutd)

Anyhowz… Being in public service (Radio Broadcast) sure will require me to work on odd hours, odd days… yes! When it’s public holiday I’m still working! When it’s festive season – yes I’m still in the studio! That’s the beauty of Public Service! We love talking to you when you need us the most! Don’t worry… I’ll get my replacement leave after the celebration.

Let’s put it like this… I get to go on holidays when there’s no traffic jam and its low season! Hahahah… cheaper as well! If you are in Public Service as well (TV, Radio, Law Enforcement) you will know how it feels to work during these days. Don’t worry… its actually our pleasure to serve y’all! I really do love working during these days coz people are in the festive and very happy mood! Hahah!!!

Well that’s all from me for now! Since it’s just days before the Eid’l Fitr Celebration… I’d like to wish y’allz a Selamat Hari Raya – Maaf Zahir & Batin, and for the rest… HAPPY HOLIDAYZ!!!

Don’t forget to visit http://www.italkwhoa.com

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