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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

traVelog: BALI, Indonesia May 2010

Wasssuppp Shaz: T'was my birthday and i managed to celebrate it with my family and friends. Its that awesome feeling that you get when you manage to celebrate with your loved ones! You should really try do small celebrations instead of one big ones. The feeling lasts longer and quality times spent with truly those who deserves that bit of you!

Recently i went to BALI with a couple of friends who are into Photography, and off we went for a 7 Days trip there to actually take loads of piccas of the wonders of BALI. But then we only ended up taking not that many photos... but ended up partying till we were so so so BROKE!!! All money spent at Hard Rock Cafe!

Lets start off this BLOG update with the place where we stayed for the duration of the trip to BALI. T'was at Swissbel Hotel in Nusa Dua. The cliffs of Nusa Dua, a renowned area for surfers too... but only on the lower end.

The Swissbel Hotel - is a chain of hotels all across Asia and Middle East, great 4 star hotel with 5 star treatment, services and facilities. The rooms are awesome actually... and affordable too.

Check it out yO!

Its a 2 Bedroom SUITE at Swissbel Hotel, Nusa DUA :)

Got dining table, pantry, store room, living room... AC u name it!

All also got!! Hahaha.. this is the master bed room! :)

Master shower / toilet...

Bathtub yO!

Comes with 1 crazy guy!!!

I love this photo... hahaha!!! side table :P


Local Nasi Campur...

Hehehe... so yea more updates later on with more piccas of our trip to BALI! Hehehe... lots of places more to share with you... great piccas! stay cool :)

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yes, i work for DSS [Diplomatic Security Service]

Wasssuppp Shaz: Oh Em Gee... i'm OLD edi! It was my B'day on the 23rd! And i've celebrated a couple of times edi since then. HMMM.... will update with the photos soon after my trip to Jakarta, Bali and some other stuffs! Enjoy...

Yea, some of you may not know... yea i work with the Diplomatic Security Service, DSS. And here i was in Jakarta... on our friendly inter-nation DSS training. With fellow Jakarta DSS agents.

Okay la... talk less... more pics for you to enjoy! Have a great day :)

Fellow DSS Agent from Jakarta!

A few of the weapons used! So today we're using all blanks!

Okay... this is my friend Ernie, he's a bit overwhelmed! LOL

Now now... this is where we train!

Ready? Let's enter the CAGE!

Yea... our DSS agents are fully dressed in this outfit!

We went to this place to try out a lil' sumthin...

Ernie is eating 13 portions of NOODLES to win 1MILLION RUPPIAH!

Still no winner till..... today! Ernie puked lol..

Thx for the trip and your hopitality Stepfanus and Erlynda! Will make sure u get the same treatment here in Kuala Lumpur!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

traVelog: Jakarta, Indonesia (Pt.1)

Wasssuppp Shaz: Have Tech, Will Travel! Actually not... technology to help you travel is just an added accessory. With or without it you will still reach your destination. Just like me... yes, i do have a GPS but only with the Malaysian Map. Not counting the one on my iPHONE. Well, i still do consider that i only have one! HAhaha...

Was in Jakarta for my holiday recently and i enjoyed it as much as i'd enjoy being in Singapore. Seriously, there's a few sides of Jakarta. It's not the slump that you'd always think it is - derived from movies shown in cinemas. No... it's far better than that.


In fact, its malls are HUGE! If you think we have awesome malls like Pavilion, The Gardens, MV, 1Utama, Curve, Ikano... think again - their malls well there are a few sides to it as well. The ones for the rich, average and normal people! Other than that... their malls are really HUGE! Filled with designer brands that you may not even find opened in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

Yea, we don't have such malls here in Malaysia. Even though we may have 1 or 2... the design to it is not as big and awesome looking like here.

Went to Jakarta via MAS - Awesome Get The DEAL Promotion which made it only RM249 for a return ticket + airport tax = RM 300. A good deal indeed. Stayed at The Swissbel Hotel in Jakarta, awesome hotel. Although i paid quite a hefty price for a 4 day stay - RM750 phew... it was still worth it la for an awesome holiday.

Malaysia Airlines

Met up with some local friends there, former collegemate Stepfanus and Wife Erlynda. Met up with my CS frens too Philip and his friend. And thanks to Ernie for being the body guard who protected me all the way through airport security and the city of Jakarta.

NO we did NOT visit any monuments or museums... didn't have time for this. Really... we didn't take much photos there! We took photos of ourselves more like as if we are locals... anyways spent 1 whole day in Bandung - thanks to Stepfanus!

Enjoy the photos...

Met up with our local friends there Stepfanus & Erlynda

Jakarta MAS
They brought us to this place for really awesome dishes!

Jakarta MAS
Forgotten what it's called... but i know what's the next one is called!

Jakarta MAS
Hokka Hokka Bento - Its Japanese FOOD!!!

Jakarta MAS
This is their "TEEN" spirit themed mall!

Cheap Jakarta
They have something better than Carl's Jr. yO!

Cheap Jakarta
This is my room at Swissbel Hotel - Jakarta, Mangga Besar.

Cheap Jakarta
Nice lil' room with great amenities!

This is their ermm... Castle like part of a themed mall!

Yess, different part of the mall covers diff theme!

Met up with some other local friends there, this is Philip and his friend.

Cheap Bandong
Went to MOi - Mall of Indonesia, this is where Kelapa Gading 1 thru 5 is!

Shopping in Bandong
They have some serious desserts here! WE thought we are serious bout food... oh well...

Shopping in Jakarta
In Jakarta, they are more serious bout their food and cleanliness!

Japanese desserts here in Jakarta! YES its REAL

Backpacking in Indonesia
Went to bAndong! Had BEEF RIBS yO!

Backpacking in Jakarta
Looks so yummy... that you can eat it off your com screen!

Thx to Stepfanus and Erlynda for bringing us there! If not, we wouldn't be able to visit BDO!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Around KL in 24HRS

Wasssuppp Shaz: Well with me... in 24HRS, you can't really do / see much... but u will surely eat a WHOLE LOT! Trust me... you will never go HUNGRY ever again!

Fren from Singapore dropped by to KL and i invited another friend Calvyn who's currently studying in Australia but who is back in KL for holz! Well... we all went for Nasi Lemak at SS2... Roti Tisu in Kayu.

Yes, Malaysian FOOD! At its best... every1 is amazed by how much Malaysians can eat, till when we can eat, and how come there's so many 24HRS restaurants... and how do they live up to open for so long and still serve great delicacies.

Well, in the west... it's nothing like here in Malaysia. Peace, Harmony... errr... anyways! Most of their shops are closed at night! And only pubs are opened! In Malaysia we have the best of both worlds.

Hungry... come eat! Wanna have a beer belly... pubs are opened till late... wanna partayyy!! clubs are opened till VERY late! So yea... here's the story of a Singaporean visit to KL :P

Tmn Sea Nasi Lemak Panas Maybank
L-R: Calvyn, Marianne, Gary, Ernie, Steven, Ellie

Tmn Sea Nasi Lemak Panas Maybank
Nasi Lemak Tmn. Sea MAYBANK "PANAS!"

Tmn Sea Nasi Lemak Panas Maybank
Nasi Lemak Panas Da' BOMB!

Roti Tisu SS2
Very Original Indeed...

Roti Tisu SS2
Roti Tisu @ Kayu Nasi Kandar SS2 in the making!

Roti Tisu SS2
The Outcome of the Roti Tisu...

Kayu Nasi Kandar
KILL em' both!!! HURRAHH...

Roti Tisu SS2
Gary, Marianne & Ellie

Spicy Corner
MySpicyCorner.com (Sungei Way Area)

Spicy Corner
Banana Leaf, the gravy is served in individual cups!

Spicy Corner
Portuguese Grill here is da'bomb! U need not go to Malacca for the Portuguese Settlement!

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