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Friday, October 30, 2009

DOME Cafe: Going for food review / tasting tonight...

Wasssuppp Shaz: Ok this is a RE-POST of my blog update on DOME Cafe's 10 Iconic Dishes that was launched this year January 09. Why am i re-posting this is because...

Tonight, a couple of bloggers and myself are going to Dome Cafe to indulge in their newest 10 Iconic dishes for 2010. Yesss... sneak preview to y'all before any1 else gets it...

To some of you, DOME might just be another place to drink ice-blended drinks or coffee and tea. But what others may not know is that it has some GREAT FOOD too!

Will get back to you guys later on... what DOME Cafe has to offer for this new year! But for now, let's have a look at what DOME is already offering us Malaysians this year...

REPOST - From January 2009:
DOME Cafe Celebrates The Melium Group 20th Anniversary:

It is important to celebrate anniversaries, as how important it is to celebrate birthdays! DOME Cafe is brought to YOU guys here by the same people who brought in all the exclusive and leading luxury fashion and lifestyle retail outlets here in Malaysia - and that is the MELIUM Group.

To celebrate The Melium Group 20th Anniversary, a national campaign that was designed to create a rewarding dining experience was launched recently for 12 consecutive months where those who dines at DOME Cafe will stand a chance to win great monthly prizes worth a total of over RM88,000 from Melium.

Yes you got me right! If let's say you won some cash prizes from The Melium Group! You can use it within the 50 international brands that is brought into Malaysia by the Melium Group. Yahoo!! - Yes you can say that again. Now... you may ask, how you can win? Well as long as you dine in at DOME Cafe either for a cuppa or a meal! You'll be given a coupon to fill out and simply state why you love Dome Cafe. That's all... no hard questions, just a question to answer!

Prizes to be won every month ( 3 winners monthly):

1st Prize Winner - Melium Vouchers Worth RM 3,500
2nd Prize Winner - Melium Vouchers Worth RM 2,500
3rd Prize Winner - Melium Vouchers Worth RM 1,500

If let's say you won one of these fabulous prizes! You may indulge in a wide range of luxury goods from over 50 international brands including: Aigner, Alain Figaret, Aseana, BOSS Hugo Boss, C'N'C Costume National, Cole Haan, D&G, Emilio Pucci, Ermenegildo Zegna, Ferre Milano, Furla, Galliano, GF Ferre, HIT Gallery, Just Cavalli, M Men, M Women, Stuart Weitzman, TOD'S, Yves Saint Laurent and many more.

Celebrities to officiate the launch of the I LOVE DOME campaign!

DOME Bintang Circle @ Pavilion

KC of Melium Group

Ferhat of Melium with my collegemate Nicole

First few to fill up and submit the coupon for I LOVE DOME

Telling us all why she LOVES DOME!

Back to FOOD - The 10 Iconic Dome Classiscs: There's more to just fine coffee and tea here at DOME! It's also renowned for its delicious food and dessert treats! Yep, it's all here... if you ever ran out of place to go eat! You can come here...

A wide range of menu available for your pick! Fresh ingredients mixed with carefully researched to make what you eat a flavoursome taste that is uniquely DOME's. I was invited to join DOME's luncheon the other day... and here's some pictures of lunch with Joey, Bryan, Marion Caunter, Serena C and a few others!

Caesar Salad - my all time favourite! Dome special Caesar - sliced beef rasher, shaved parmesan, cos lettuce, croutons and classic Caesar dressing.

Wild Mushroom Soup - Rich and creamy, filled with mushrooms and topped with croutons. Served with fresh crusty bread.

With real mushrooms! NO JOKE :)

THE LOT BURGER - Grilled 100% beef burger with egg, beef rasher, cos lettuce, tomato chutney, sliced cheddar, mustard, mayonnaise, onion jam, and fresh tomato in a toasted foccacia bun. Served with chips.

Spicy Olio Pasta - Pasta tossed with fresh herbs, garlic, chilli flakes, red capsicum, spinach, parsley and zucchini. Served with your choice of beef bacon bits or sliced chicken ham. A vegetarian option is available on request.

Joey enjoying his wild mushroom soup and apple crush!

This is possibly one of the best olio pasta ever!

There are other 10 iconic DOME Classiscs dishes that are not featured here in this update! But they are the Mixed Grain Sandwich, Nasi Lemak Special, Catch of The Day, Gourmet Chicken-Mushroom Pie, Carrot Cake and Dome Afternoon Tea Set.

Now let's have a look at some of the drinks and desserts on this day...

DOME's HOT MOCHA - served rather differently :)

A piece of metal for you to hold the cup when it's still HOT!

Mocha cream milk on top... wah lao eh!! SO NICE

The taste of Chocolate is apparent, the taste of sugar is invisible to the taste buds!

Classis English Scone with lovely raspberry jam and a rich thickened cream!

Carrot Cake accompanies with potato curry puff!

Enjoying an afternoon lunch with a bunch of friends is awesome! Here's Bryan.

She was from Stamford College now working for a super duper magazine!

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Blogger Dylan Phuah said...

this looked like a cool event.
call me la the next time got other cool events. haha!

October 30, 2009 at 11:24 PM  
Anonymous writingbee said...

Great post. Thanks!

March 16, 2012 at 11:55 PM  

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