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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

McDonald's @ TPM - Bukit Jalil is da' BEST!!!

*Disclaimer - I am not paid or whatsoever to write this. Just happened to be that i'm a very frequent customer of McD TPM this week due to my work finish at 7PM and heavy rain today causing massive traffic jam, so didn't go home for buka puasa. So, the next best alternative to Astro Cafeteria is McD's!

McD TPM is the best bcoz:

1. My 2 nd time breakfasting at McD TPM, first was Monday and today (Wednesday). Although Monday the crowd was ok but today was massive. Despite the number of people queueing up the staff did their best in trying to make things fast and at the same time providing the best service. It wasn't the staff that made the service slow, it was the customers who were so inconsiderate. While queing up they didn't even bother to think of what to order. And when it came to their turn to order they don't even know how or what's the correct way to order. Cmon people it's so easy - think of what u wanna order, u want it as a sandwich or a set with fries and drink. If you want a big mac with the fries and drink and u know u want coke (please la there's a lot to select from the menu and be considerate to those who are breakfasting behind u) please order like this:

Having here - 1 big mac set medium with coke, that's all - takes 5 seconds to order this.

What they did was...

HMmm big mac. Hmmm

(sir would u like it to be burger only or set with fries and drink)

Hmm... Fries and drink hMmm

(sir what drink would u like - usually it comes with a coke)

Hmmmm errr coke hmm

(anything else sir)

Errr hmmm hmm no that's all

(having here sir?)


( that'd be 8.35 sir)

Err here's 100 bux!

WTF right he probably took a minute to order that whole thing cmon be considerate for those who are behind u. Dun take too long and be ready with your order and know what u wanna order. And lastly give small change la dun try to act rich by giving 100 dollar note.

Seiously I'm pissed with this bunch of ppl who works in TPM, who works for a company - whose name starts with "A" and ends with "N". They were so proud to go to McD with their tag on. And yea they work for a tech company but really suck at ordering food.

Now the next few lines are commendations to the staff of McD TPM.

2. Although there was a mad queue. They did their best and no mixed up orders or mistakes were done.

3. Each staff worked hand in hand, not forgetting the managers and all to provide a smooth operation.

4. The flow of fries and food is really fast and everything was cooked real fast. This is due to great handling and great determination to serve in-house customers and drive-thru.

5. Chili sauce at the counter was finished, I went to the cashier and asked for some chili sauce and told him that it was finished over the sauce counter - he then replied (with a smile)
"I'm sorry sir, here you go some chili sauce for you, really sorry about that yea,".

Right away he (asst. manager) for McD went to the sauce counter and took the chili sauce container and went to the back and replaced it with new one and also went to clear up some tables and wipe it clean. This is what I call determination and team spirit.

6. I went to wash my hands after my meal - needed some tissue and went to the counter and asked for some. Goty tissue and not forgetting the smile from the staff that will make u feel welcome anytime at McD.

7. A customer went to counter to ask for a refill coz the jug ran out. The manager refilled it for him and without being asked to do so.. another staff took the jug to refill it. This is what I call commitment.

8. Clean and Clear - one committed staff is in charge of clearing up the table and cleaning it with the disinfectant that he's armed with over his waist. Efficient is the right word here as he goes round the clock ensuring the place is clean.

9. They know what they are doing. When the fries that is suppose to be lined up to be cooked ran out someone will go to the station to prepare the fries from the packaging. Although he's not from the station, he ensured that there's fries ready to be cooked and using the proper clean waywithhold gloves. One thing good here is that they "clean as they go". Truly an international standard.

10. A TEAM - the staff of McD TPM all worked hand in hand with a smile at anytime of the day and willing to help in any way not forgetting how committed they are. It seems like everyone here at TPM are meant to work with each other. There's a great team spirit here coz I can see that they all are able to blend in with one another. Like what they at McD believe in "it all begins with a smile".

Lastly, I juz wanna say - know what you wanna order - and order it the correct way will really help everyone. Not just u, but also those behind you who are hungry and those who are taking your order. Lets help each other - you can make a difference...

And I'm lovin' it here...

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Blogger Yuen-Chi Lian said...

I actually take my own sweet time to place an order. I would ask for suggestions and make a decision, it takes time, I'm sorry but that's part of the process.

Like a worker thread, it picks up the task from the queue, it works on it and it can take a longer time than usual.

August 26, 2009 at 11:31 PM  
Blogger Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

It's all about commitment ;p
Have less fast food and Shaz will be the hunk

August 27, 2009 at 12:35 PM  

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