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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Smileys's - TM

(Blog Update...share the smile...spread the smile to everyone)

This update, or the words that i'm about to write in this update reminds me of the movie "Patch Adams". Where Robin Williams acted as Dr. Patch Adams and wants to help the patients to recover faster and make things which seem impossible to become possible.

Well, the thing that i learnt from that particular movie was, "it all takes a smile" or "laughter cures all if not most..." So, referring to this movie where Dr. Patch Adams tried to make the most out of "laughter" it helped to cure some of the sickness but mostly brings life to the patients.

Basically, in a nutshell... just try to give a smile to your friends at work, college, school... smile at them! It can mean a thousand different things when those who really needed it the most gets it, you probably just helped to make someone happy without even noticing it (because some of us are sad but we don't really tell others about it...).

The SmileyTM photo (this one was done by me) - how to do this? Fairly easy (you can even do it in your bedroom at night!). Steps on how to do this is carefully explained at the footer of this update.

This shot was done by Jon, He actually appeared in the frame because his shirt bounced some light that was shining from the nearby lamppost!

Whereby this one was done by DK, almost like a smiley face! hehehe.. but all in all it makes us LAUGH! It helps...what a wonderful day!!!

Talking about pictures that will make people laugh...

We decided to take this picture... of us being in a sailormoon centerstage position! :P LOL...

So malu la this picture... 3 of us here at the deck, DK, Jon and Me... Ultraman pose yO!!!

As i promised... How to do the "SmileysTM"Photo...

1. Place your camera on a tripod in a (dark room / dark spot / dark place).
2. Set the camera setting to manual or shutter priority (make sure the shutter speed is enough for you to take the photo i.e.: 10seconds, 13seconds or 15seconds).
3. Set the camera on timer i.e.: 2seconds, 10seconds (depending on how much time you need to get ready on the other end).
4. Stand in front of your camera (at a distance far enough to be in the frame) - with a torchlight or phone light.
5. Get ready with the 'light source' cover it up with your hand and only uncover it if you want to draw something within the specific time frame that was set on.
6. Step out of frame once you're done drawing although there's extra time let it be...if you're in the frame for too long you might be captured into the photo and you can see yourself!

** Bonus: If you want to see yourself in the photo, push the flash up, activate it so that it shoots the flash on the 1st curtain (this will take the overall picture) and continue drawing after the first picture was taken and your drawings will appear after the picture has been fully taken!


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