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Thursday, January 1, 2009

YO!Sushi - A Special Treat for my 25th!

(In Conjunction with my 25th B'day... - When it comes to Sushi...)
- Stand your chance to win 3 eXclusive invites to dine at YO!sushi this 22nd July**

As i was saying, when it comes to Sushi - i definately am one of those kind of people that is pretty strict on what i eat, its quality and taste! Therefore i don't mind paying a little bit extra for great fresh food and comfort. Being in Malaysia, we do have a variety of gourmet food available and quite a range of restaurants to cater to everyone's taste from local, Chinese to western and even Arabian food.

But when it comes to Japanese food, there's very few that really cater to your needs. There's Sushi Kingy, Genko Sush (sorry la my spellig very bad), and the new ones like some Zanmai place in the Gardens and Ichiban sumthin'... well (OMG! I really am bad with names huh), well i haven't personally tried Zanmai but i tried the others...and i tell ya... it's really worth it to try YO!sushi. Take it as a new culture for Japanese food in this 21st century... new way of presentation but still keeping the same great authentic Japanese taste to it like how u want it to be!

Salmon Sashimi...as fresh as you can get! Just flown into the country this morning and straight away delivered to YO!Sushi.

A selection of their dishes...all of these came in at once! I had hard time taking photos or wanting to eat!!!

Now now, have you tried YO!sushi?

I have and i definitely love it! I heard from 2 out of 10 friends that they said that YO!sushi is just ok and expensive but the other 8 out of 10 LOVES it to the max! You see...my judgement on this is that if you want real great food (fresh and great taste) you have to pay the premium price for it! And perhaps my friends who came in only tried the usual sushi that is served on the kaiten belt! But hey some of the best dishes at YO!sushi is found in the menu and cooked right in front of you in their open kitchen, for example try their Black Miso Cod* (this is their signature dish, the best i've ever tasted) and their skewers are worth a try as well. So next time you go to YO!sushi, try out their Black Miso Cod! Yummmmyy...

If you haven't tried YO!sushi... (here's your chance!)

In conjunction with my 25th Birthday this year, i am inviting 4 of my friends for dinner here at YO!sushi and will be having a small little contest on my blog for 3 of you to win an all-paid dinner (eXclusive closed door dinner @ YO!sushi / by invitation only) also in conjunction with Kendall Jackson Wine Dinner

All You Have To Do To Win this Dinner...

Option A - Be one of my 4 friends to join me for dinner this 22nd July for the Kendall Jackson Wine Dinner. Just e-mail me shazFX[AT]gmail.com and tell me that u wanna dine with me at YO!sushi.

Option B - Be one of my 3 friends to participate in this online BLOG contest, just blog about YO!sushi on your blog, you can use the photos here on my blog or don't use at all...doesn't matter - just write a little something nice! Or just start your blog update by writing about whatever you did or you went with "YO!" (e.g.: YO!, i went to Pavilion today for a movie with some friends!). Yep...you don't have to even write a big blog post, (if you want...you can just link it back to my blog :P haha..) just a one line is enough to win yourself this eXclusive dinner! Once you're done with this... just e-mail me your link and contact details (Name, Contact Number and URL) to shazFX[AT]gmail.com.

Wanna Know What You Will Be Indulging Yourself Into...

Combination of Fried Renkon, Fried Salmon skin, Edamame &
Salmon Tataki Sashimi
Kendall Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

Crispy, kadaifi pastry wrapped black tiger prawns with wasabi-ginger mayonnaise
& fried Shirao baitfish
Kendall Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay

Succulent Tenderloin Beef grilled with teriyaki sauce
Kendall Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Special Rolls Sushi - Eel roll, soft shell crab roll & Spicy Salmon roll
Kendall Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Imported fresh mango

RM 120.00 ++ Per Pax

** If you would like to attend the close Wine Dinner event @ YO!sushi (Kendall Jackson Wine Dinner) You may call the restaurant for a reservation (walk-ins on the day is not allowed).

A night with Mr. Jeff Cook, Principal of Kendall Jackson Californian vineyard premium wine paired with the finest Japanese cuisines dinner course. Dress code for the evening is smart casual. The prestigious wine dinner is co-host by Bacardi Martini.

YO!Sushi is not a local restaurant that not only looks good but it's a franchise from the UK (started off their first outlet on Poland Street in 1997). Since then people have been queueing up their front door to have more of what YO!sushi (the new trendsetter in Japanese food) has to offer! - With more than 30 outlets opened globally, it has to be THE new trend in Japanese food outlets!

It's the Melium group people here in KL that has made YO!sushi big ever since it came into Malaysia thanks to Datuk Farah Khan who's now venturing into food outlets (from it's first Dome). Let's see what else the Melium Group will be bringing into Malaysia making our city not just a place to shop but also to dine...

YO!Sushi - with its kaiten sushi bar (conveyor belt), it served a myriad of sushi, sashimi, sushi rolls, nigiri, and awesome fried tempura and teriyaki japanese foooods!!!

The food at YO!sushi is prepared in the middle of the guest sitting area, the concept of the store is as such that is meant to provide a cheer fealing for us youngsters (teenagers / youths / young adults...you name it), its really a hip and happening place to be!

Location @ YO!sushi Pavilion / YO!sushi TheGardens MidValley

Pavilion Mall
Level 1 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2148 8588

Official Website: http://www.yosushi.com/

Other's Perspectives on YO!sushi:

Shaolin Tiger's "We Ate This Updated - YO!sushi"

Aiyoo... this pic again! I know la.. i love their Salmon.. REALLY!

Their range of sashimi really makes my mouth watery now!

Here comes the Salmon sashimi again! Look at how fresh it is!

Prawns...with light drizzling of mayonnaise on top!

One of their famous dishes as well... salmon roll with cream cheese inside! It melts in your mouth!!! Becareful cheesie!!! Don't get knocked out with this!

THE ULTIMATE - Miso Black Cod! This is "THE" dish that YOU MUST TRY!!! Miso Black Cod is the first thing i order and the last that i order here at YO!Sushi, a must have everytime i come here! the taste...i shall not describe it out to y'all! - JUST GO!!!

It's 10 sumthin PM... time for us to leave, everyone else left already! Well... le'ts go HOME! Stomach's full...REALLY FULL!

Three of us here seated on the side of the conveyer belt! Forgotten what it's called in Japanese la... anyone has a clue?

PSS: Dinner @ YO!sushi would be on 22nd July 2008, winners have to be from Kuala Lumpur and be present. Contest duration from now till 20th July 2008 Midnight. Winners will be announced via e-mail / phone on the 21st July 2008.

*Winners selection will be random as the contest doesn't require much participation from the contestants apart from putting something on their blog... perhaps the most attractive post may win it! You'll never know :P

** Or just do both of the options A & B - to win :P


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