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Monday, January 26, 2009

Making the difference...

?What does it take to make a difference?
?Have anyone made a difference in your life recently?
?Have you made a difference in someone else's life before? 
?How long / how much / what do you really need to do to make a difference?

Well... to answer your question - it doesn't really take much to make a difference to someone's life! Even to yours... well let me share with you something that i've experienced recently and a few other stuffs...

What is making a difference? Well sometimes its to do something unexpected to others or for others or so that others can experience it as well! Sometimes we are too busy with work / college / studies that we totally forgot about those we are close to, those we care for, those we used to hang out with! But what's cool about us is that we remember one another! But there's always something more to just remembering! - Not to say that its not good enough... well its just that if you were to do something a little bit more... (which doesn't hurt), you could probably turn someone's life from down to up / or even add a bit of happiness in that person's day! 

I know i'm probably going all over the place now... but i just feel that i should just write how i want to write and not really constructive and all like how we learn back in school!

For example, just imagine you're having a bad  day, and suddenly you get an sms from a friend or a phone call from a friend / close friend / old friend... just imagine how your day would suddenly be cheered up by that phone call! Yes that's something unepected!

Or let's say you'r having the worst day at the office... you came back home and found a postcard one of your friends sent to you all the way from langkawi / redang... yes! your mood would probably change and feel so cool after that! 

Basically the point here is that - THAT someone made a difference to your life! And so he / she did it! That's cool huh - making a difference, now why don't you do the same! Pass it on... that's why sharing is believing! When you believe in sharing, you share what's precious to you! Friendship, Caring for one another and not to forget understanding each other! 

You can make a difference, you can do it... it doesn't take much - a phone call / sms / call your friends just to even say hi or drop an sms when you're free! Don't say that you don't have time, you're too busy... an sms doesn't take that long! A postcard might take a bit longer but it has quite an impact on people! Yep.. althought it's just a postcard - but in this case its more than just a postcard people! 

I've always believe in "passing it on" - passing what on? Well... when you receive / experience a good deed that may have happened to you or done by someone else - you should pass it on to the next person. This is not restricted to just buying drinks / food / lending stuffs / but also extends to when they share with you their time, sharing experiences about work / events / teaching you stuffs on how to do this / that / taking photos / how to setup flashes / how to create an event / how to talk to people / address people and so forth... all these hard skills / soft skills that you probably learn at college or not but you probably learn it from a friend who has those skills. Well yea - you can pass it on to the next person you know! 

Such as attending events... yes! You may think that attending those closed events are just some entertainment thing for you! But no, to some they analyse the event from back to front - start till end... understanding how an event is set, why you need security, why you need to escort VIP's, this and that... there's alot to an event other than its itinerary. That's what sets you apart from just going to an event. Learn up... share with friends! 

Why this sudden post is that i suddenly feel like sharing some stuffs with you! All these years i've been sharing my experiences that i've learnt from working at Astro, AMP Radio, 8TV... with quite a few of my friends, either by giving them tickets to attend the event, taking them in to be interns with the company and even sharing with them on how to write proposals / sales speech / presentation materials and so forth... Some even asked me what its like to be in the broadcast industry? Well i told them to have a look at my blog as it probably sums up most of what i do at work and off work! 

Well... today - i was at work and the beginning of the day was quite sucky! As i ran into a little bit of problems over the weekend! I was on air from 10am till 3pm. Around 1PM i felt so tired sitting in the studio - so i went to the admin side and walk around to say hi to some friends and found the pigeon hole where all our mails are placed at. And there was an envelope for ME!

Wooohoo!!! An envelope with a POSLaju consignment note, it says to ME and from HANNAH TAN. I was so so so SURPRISED! Quite happy to have received a mail... it's been sometimes that i last received postcards and envelopes as now most people actually sent e-cards! 

Anyways... Opened up the envelope - found a Calendar for 2009 from Hannah Tan and another envelope containing a postcard with a personal message written. Yes, it made a difference in my life today! Not to say because it's from Hannah Tan - but she took the effort to write a msg and send the calendar to me. That's something worth mentioning! Seriously... If you had sent me a new year card or something... i'm one of those kind of people that really appreciate all these gestures! 

Now - a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my friends that has made a difference in my life for 2008 and previously! And for the many many more years to come! Hope that this post has made you want to make a difference in the life of many others out there! 

Together, we are one - together we can make the difference! 

This is the envelope that i received...

Hannah Tan's Calendar, the postcard and my mouse!

That's all for now... Anyways here's something for me to play around with for now! Got some new Microsoft mouse to test out! The Bluetrack Explorer Mouse, Arc Mouse and Bluetooth Mouse!


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