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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Transformers: The Gala Premiere

(Blog Update For 27th June 2007)

First of all, i would like to thank Jack and my friends who came over last night for dinner and the gala premiere of Transformers. I didn't expect this at all, the dinner was suppose to be a farewell dinner for Jack and his friends who hasn't seen him for a while before his departure to Australia this weekend.

I really didnt expect this birthday cake to come in...because my birthday is only in less than a month's time... to be exact its on the 23rd July. Thank you very much Jack for the birthday cake and the big surprise...thx alot bro! Thanks alot to everyone else who were there as well for the dinner i.e.: Stephen, Joel, Joshua, Gadiy, Danial, Isaac, Mikel, Ken, Terence, Xian Jin, Asyraf, Eu Jin, Kuok Shin and a few others...

As for the Transformers Gala Premiere - 24 free tickets to the premiere was shared amongst some of my friends who are avid fans of Transformers.

I would also like to thank 12 of my friends from KDU who came for the Gala Premiere aswell, thanks for making some time out for this film...no worries for the tickets tho! Thanks to Arthur, Marianne, Kevin, Adele, Eman, Devya, Tsu Yi, Kah Meng, Sam, Melissa, Jasmine, Benjamin...

Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera when i went to meetup with my friends from KDU, so can't share the photos here! But thanks again for coming, we will definitely meet up again one of these days for yumchar!

Altogether, there were 24 of my friends who were here tonight with exclusive invitations to the Gala Premiere for this absolutely AWESOME movie! That is a MUST to be WATCHED again! Yes, most of us will be watching it again...!!!

And so all my friends knew about the B'day celebration at Nando's and the cake coming out of nowhere with chicken chicks dressed in easter bunnies outfit! Mwahah...OMG... surprised me so bad! :P

In this team here, there's 12 of us for the movie - missing in this picture is Asyraf, Gadiy, Xian Jin and the photographer!

Having dinner at Nando's...with Jack, Stephen and the rest... unfortunately we were very late and my frens from KDU were at the foodcourt eatin!

Protect or Destroy? You do the maths???...mwahhaha!!! Oh well... Josh n Joel LOVES Transformers!

From Left: Kuok, Jack, Xian Jin and Ken - thanks for coming! Really appreciate it!

They came with another intention...at first they just came for the dinner...i told them that i ran out of tickets for the Transformers Premiere! But then they still came...especially Xian Jin who knew nothing bout it and told me not to FFK him this time around! :P

From Left: Stephen, Joel, Mikel & Joshua... im surprised they actually LOVE nando's! I prefer Kenny Rogers tho!

Eu Jin arrived terribly late... with his AWESOME girlfriend whom i forgotten her name and she actually knows Joshua!!! -- Oops, josh forgotten her name!

Seriously, i was so so so SUPER happy!!! I was out of words...i was really shy!!! I didn't know what to say... Jack, i can't thank you enough for getting me this whole entire cake! I am so thankful to have such a brother like you!

Happy Early B'day to me... my actual bday is on the 23rd of July - i hope i can take this one day off from work!

Here's a pic of Ken, Jack and I... especially when i returned back from Bandong...i've been wearing alot of brown colored t-shirts! Haven't you noticed?

Cutting my b'day cake...the feeling at that point was AWESOME! I felt so happy and i really do appreciate what each of my friends had done for me today, thank you very much to each and everyone.

Xian Jin's latest pose as a "drag queen" sort of... look a like! Well he was just demonstrating to us what he did while his stay in Singapore!

Different friends from various different parts of my life... Terence from HELP, Daniel from Monash, Josh from UTar! Oh well... all the best to every1, Terence goin off to Aussie same like Jack.

Before i end this post, a BIG BIG thanks to United international Pictures to Kara and Dawn for those superb tickets to this AWESOME screening of TRANSFORMERS! (Malaysian Premiere).

Thank you once again to all my friends who were here tonight, especially to Jack for organising everything and the lovely birthday cake! ...I know some of you couldn't celebrate with me fully like for example Eu Jin, Asyraf, Xian Jin, Gadiy and my friends from KDU... aiyoh!!! :P

PS: There are only 4 halls in GSC Cinema MidValley that is equipped with THX System - These are Hall 10, 11, 12, 13. The rest are just DTS Dolby Surround System equipped only.


Blogger an|nedafish said...

wheee! so fast 2007 gone liao. thank you for the tickets, shaz my bestie! =) hope to meet you when i'm back.. gotta catch up with you! lol. btw, nice weblog design. (i think this is my 2nd time saying it?) =P

January 24, 2009 at 3:26 PM  

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