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Thursday, January 1, 2009

FREE HUGS @ the Curve

(Blog Update For 23rd October 2007)

Free Hugs... what is it? what is it for? why? hmmm... alot of people has been asking me that lately. Even more on the day that a group of us were at the Curve to give free hugs to anyone, YES! anyone and everyone... any passerbys no matter people from various different walks of life, background, age, gender and so forth.

Some started raising questions what was this for, or if there's a video camera hidden somewhere. Some even asked if this is a trick or what's really behind it or what's in it for us? Cause they see a bunch of us teens doing this. Oh well - let me tell you straightaway right now! There's no hidden cameras, no hidden tricks / costs. We're doing it to help make a change in people's life's, make a difference, make your day better or happier or just simply try and change your mood for the day - in hoping to make this day a better day for you! To find out more about this and know more... i shall elaborate more later! But for now...

First of all, take a big piece of cardboard, and use a thick marker pen and write "FREE HUGS"...go in a group of friends! Try not to go alone...

Yes, this was what i meant... go in a group of friends - there's 2 of us who are not in the picture me and another friend Ben. Oh well someone has to take the picture right :P (L-R: Jack, Mark, Catherine, Jay. A, Justine and Wendy).

Ok now... just to let you see of the next blog update. Supper with some friends at McD, Well here's Sam and Jonathan! You may have seen Sam on TV!
Now...more and more updates that i wanna put up! JDD, Jonathan and Purdy! Sorry guys... will upload the pics real soon K!

And now back to normal transmission... Free Hugs For All!!! The lil' one is doing his part here today! Wow... he made it :P Jay...!!!

People of all ages, colors and walks of life... Yes we really do hug you REAL TIGHT!

And here we've found a really nice supporting family consisting of the 2 brothers, 1 sister and mother shopping on a sunday @ the Curve. The mother holding up the signage of "FREE HUGS" at the back and both siblings hugging one another! - See the smiling face of the mother and the siblings? We've certainly made a difference in their life today!

Look at the lady, she's thinkin what's this free hugs all about? Hmm... Aaron, she's checkin' you out!
From all walks of life... we have Christine here and Laurine - both my former classmates back in LimKokWing! Certainly made a difference in their life on this day!

With a couple of friends, we spread the love! Leoniel and Suzanne! Both here this day and gave a cool hug!!!

People of all ages and culture...look at the man's facial expression!

You know you did it! You made a difference in his life! Not only he'll be happy but he'll also talk about it with his friends. Look at his facial expressions! You did it Justine!

Justine did it again... this guy is quite supportive!!!

Here Aaron's hugging Linda...yes they know one another!! hehee... Linda see you at college!

Catherine up on the top of the stairs at Cineleisure...anyone up for a free hug? Apparently one of the hotlink guys wrote "FREE HUGS" on his board! :P

A difference was made... Jay getting quite alot of hits this day!!! Way the go bro...

Imagine you hugging strangers...would you? would they?? well YES they would!~

Foodlover would like to get a free hug too!!! Whoa... the amount of friends i bumped into today! Quite a number... including Jason from LimKokWing, my classmate! Many more pictures from the Free Hugs day at the Curve real soon!

Continuing my update with more stuffs coming up next!!! Supper at McDonalds Centerpoint with Jack, Kevin and Adele. Others were there too this night for supper. We have Ben, Chingy, Johnson, Darrel, Jonathan and Purdy!

Dinner at Ikea with Chingy! Yes this guy can speak awesome Sabahan or was it Sarawakian Malay!
Was invited by the PHUNK'ers to come over to their Charity Garage Sale! I helped to get the MixFM RoadRunners and Perodua Xfresh StreetSurfers for this event! It was xXxcellent!!!

Some got really cool prizes too! Ash got a High School Musical 2 Soundtrack! Roger got a Debit Card from some bank! :P

Met up with EuJin, Deb and Kevin here at TonyRoma's the Curve! Funny and loving couple! You guys are the best!!! Eu Jin see you again real soon K!


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